Guided tours

We organize, after reservation in advance, guided tours in our home brewery.

These tours take place within a period of minimum 60 minutes with special attention to our three home brewed beers.

While we’re having the tour the guests will be provided of three tastings of our beers …

Perfect as a kind of informal aperitif!

It’s possible to organise guided tours from Monday until Sunday. If you are interested we would be glad to check availability.

I! Reservation is required !

Guided tour through our brewery,  with 3 tastings included:

·      Groups untill 10 guests or less =  € 125,00

·     For every extra person you need to add € 8,00.

An example for a group of 15 guests: € 125,00 + 5 x € 8,00. 

A possibility to expand the tour with a snack?


For more information regarding some snacks, lunch or diner, please do take a look at the topic " group arrangements".

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