Our brewers are constantly improving and adapting our beers and in that all our beers are developing and getting better and better and more tasty. You are always welcome in our brewery for tasting new beers.

Our Pakhuis beers

Antwerp Blond

Is a fresh beer, quenching your thirst totally by drinking your beer quickly.
From the start you taste a hoppy, dry beer, with a fruity aroma of meadow flowers (butter- flower, daisy).
By drinking your second glass you can feel the balance of this honest beer that mixes the malty, worty taste with the delicate taste of the Saaz hop.
Alcohol standard low, 5.1 alc.% vol.:  needs no more.

Antwerp Brown

At the start you can feel a strong attack of a strange mix with exotic tastes, but shortly thereafter comes an overwhelming taste of  smoky malt, supported by the full-flavoured Tetnang hop.

At the end rests an strange, overwhelming taste in the mouth, as if it were pure chocolate, slowly melting on your tongue. Alcohol in moderate dosis, 5.5 alc.%vol. is less that you expected and opens the way to a next beer…

Nen Bangelijken…

This outstanding beer is often called “the best I ever have drunk”, as true beer lovers use to say.
Indeed: den Bangelijken is our show-piece!
The first drops bring with them various tastes of malt  and delicate Saaz hop on to your tongue. Quickly arrives and dominates the taste of fresh yeast as you can taste it in home breweries only. Close your eyes then and take another swig.
Feel the composition of savours: the fresh taste of the harvest apple with thereafter the overwhelming aroma as if a bouquet of flowers  covers your complete gamma of tastes.

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